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"This is for those of you who have received plenty of treatment but never a cure.        
                                                Here is an approach that truly solves your problem, for good.

Certified Integrative Healthcare Physician



There are many healthcare practitioners to choose from. What must be recognized, however, is that if your ailment has not yet resolved, you have not yet been provided the appropriate treatment. 


A complete solution is long overdue for those who suffer from chronic illness.


Dr. Matin's detailed and interdisciplinary approach will have you quickly recognize that a true and complete solution is possible.


The message: there are sources causing your ailment; they can be identified; they can be properly treated; your problem can be solved.


Email Dr. Matin introducing yourself if you would like to schedule a comprehensive initial consultation. What you suffer from has a solution; here is where you'll find it.


The Fundamentals of A Cure

Diagnose the real problem.


Diagnose the correct cause.


Identify what must be done to
liberate yourself from the cause.


Apply yourSelf and embrace the transformation.





Following a bachelor of science degree in Human Anatomy and Physiology with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Oregon, Dr. Shamim Matin completed his doctorate to become a Chiropractic Physician at the University of Western States. He next pursued a post doctorate in Sports Medicine via a diplomate program developed by the medical division of the United States Olympics.

As an expert in physical diagnostics he quickly learned most pain sufferers are not receiving the appropriate treatments necessary to completely resolve their pain. To solve this problem Dr. Matin developed a multidisciplinary clinic of evaluation and care.


After years of focus on physical medicine, Dr. Matin began seeking solutions for his patients with chemical imbalances. He achieved another postdoctoral diploma, this time in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. He spent the next five years exclusively focused on utilizing the most comprehensive laboratory tests medical science has available to diagnose and treat human illness.


His pursuit to identify and resolve the source of each individuals suffering has not ended. Dr. Matin is currently investing most of his time studying the mind-body-energy connection and has received multiple credentials in this field. To his delight, he is finding that educating his patients on this subject is producing greater results than all of his other studies combined.


Dr. Matin's only interest is to identify all the components of your problem and provide you all the correct therapies to resolve it. He continues to observe that standard healthcare is providing plenty of "treatment" but almost never a "cure". He asserts that his approach is dedicated to truly solving your problem, for good.

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You can heal if you are willing.

- Dr. Matin







"Dr. Shamim Matin is absolutely incredible! Words can't even begin to explain how life changing his diagnostic talent and treatments have been."  -Leah V.
"Dr. Shamim Matin and his practice are one of the undiscovered jewels of health care! Glad I found you Dr. M!"  -Rudy N.
"I was unable to do the things I loved the most, so I knew I needed to do something. When I contacted him I was very hesitant to believe him, because of everything I had tried, but decided to give him a shot. My first visit he ran several tests in order to figure out what exactly was going on. At the end of the visit he said I know I can fix this. Fast forward a few months I finally have my life back."  -Jason C.



Dr. Matin is not an in-network provider with any insurance. All bills are the direct responsibility of the patient. All prices are fixed with no surprise additional fees. 

Comprehensive Initial Consultation


Follow Up Consultations


Laboratory Testing

specified pricing

Dr. Matin will be out of the country for an undetermined amount of time. Please feel free to email him and he will do his best to help.

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